UltaStone Real Stone Walls

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About the UltraStone: Using new patented equipment, our Panels are made up of a front layer of thinly cut real stone (granite, travertine, onyx, quartzite and marble) adhered to an unique backing which is then engineered using the most modern patented technology to create an extremely strong and lightweight stone-faced structure. Most of our use is indoors but we now have UltraStone (onyx and translucent marble, granite and quartzite ) The panels are made by cutting natural stone blocks as thin as 5mm. Depending on the type of stone and the use, the backings can be aluminum polymer composite, fibreglass, honeycomb PVB, or glass. The result is a natural stone panel that is stronger and much lighter than traditional large slabs of the same stone.

Real Stone No Overlay Only New Tub Any Style
Any Color Walls Any Sim Tile Walls Replacement Tub / Shower
66 " Wall Height Any Faucets Curtiian Rod
4 Shelves Any Drains Ceiling Piece
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