Bathtub and Surround - In The Liquid Porcelain Fresh Baked Porcelain Look and Feel

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The Liquid Porcelain Tub and Tile Rejuvenation System is time tested for over 20 years. When Done this will offer you a Fresh Baked Porcelain Look and Feel. Liquid Porcelain is Chemical resistant surface: Porcelain / Enamel Coating withstand bleach, and even suction cup bath mats can be used if removed after showering. The Liquid Porcelain Tub and Tile Rejuvenation System of Refinishing Enamels. This exclusive formula was engineered for durability and longevity. This formula provides the most durable and beautiful, high gloss look.


Blistering, Peeling, Cracking and Fading caused by a defect in the product or workmanship will be covered under warranty. If the surface blisters, peels, cracks, or fades, Detroit Tubs must be notified of such defect immediately. Please retain warranty to facilitate warranty repairs. Detroit Tubs will inspect the problem area and determine whether the resulting damage was caused by a defect in the product or workmanship.

The Buyer must notify Detroit Tubs within the warranty period of any aforesaid defects in the materials and Buyer must show the materials were used and maintained in accordance with Detroit Tubs recommendations, Detroit Tubs will cure defects by suitable repair at its own expense.


Excluding (but not limited to): chipping, scratches, stains, or knife marks due to misuse or abuse of surface, problems caused by leaky plumbing or rust damage. Sharp or heavy objects may cause damage to the surface. The use of harsh agents such as Comet, Ajax, or excessive bleach may discolor or damage the surface when used excessively. Plumbing leaks onto the refinished surface will eventually cause damage. Any damage to the surface resulting from improper cleaning, excessive use, and/or leaky plumbing is expressly excluded under this warranty. Detroit Tubs employees’ oral statement does not constitute warranties, shall not be relied upon by Buyer, and are not part of this agreement. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description stated here.

Warranty is for the Original Owner/Buyer and is only transferable when the original Owner/Buyer Fills our form online at www.detroitbathtubs.com/service writes Detroit Tubs to transfer warranty to new owner of said warranty and must be done in 30 days of purchase. There may be a transfer fee charged by Detroit Tubs if the transfer is not done within 30 days.

To Claim warranty you must Have the Following and Fill out Online Warranty Only at


  • You must have the Original Receipt
  • You Must Upload 2 pics of the affected area
  • Detroit Tubs does not warranty kitchen sinks or rust repairs.
  • Caulking is warranted for 1 year from the time work is done.

The Liquid Porcelain Tub and Tile Rejuvenation System Must Stand

un-used and un-touched for 3 days after the install and must not be

used for a bath until 5 days after the install

We advise the use of simple green to maintain the quality of the The Liquid

Porcelain Tub and Tile Rejuvenation System.

Warning: Due to the extreme high gloss finish of The Liquid Porcelain Tub

and Tile Rejuvenation System Please use caution when getting in and out

of the tub and Detroit Tubs is held harmless for any injuries.

Updated 06/20/2019

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