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Here is a Copy of Our Warranty

Detroit Tubs LLC Warranty Info & Terms of Conditions Page

LIMITED WARRANTY: Bathtubs, wall tile and fully refinished fiberglass fixtures are warranted for:
Basic – 2 Coats – NO Warranty
Standard – 3 Coats , 5yr Warranty
Premium – 5 Coats ,10 yrs Warranty

Liquid Porcelain Products 20 Yr Warranty 

The Following Conditions Will VOID YOUR WARRANTY:

-Suction cup bath-mats

-The fixture must not be used for water storage or contain standing water for extended periods of time.
-Damage caused by continuous wetness from leaking or dripping plumbing.
-Damage, chips or nicks caused by sharp or falling objects or by misuse.
-Staining or discoloration from chemicals, bleaches, hair dyes.
-The use of abrasive cleaners.
-Movement in the substructure resulting in cracks or splits in the refinished surface or grout lines.
-Degradation of the refinished surface caused by lack of cleaning.
-Putting masking tape or any other adhesive on the refinished surface.
-Change of property status (switch from private to commercial or rental)

In the event of any failure covered under this warranty, Detroit Tubs LLC will, at its option, 1) Repair the failed area, 2) refinish the entire fixture or 3) refund the price of the job to you, pro-rated as set forth above if applicable. caulk, plumbing and shower doors are not warranted. Travel charges may apply if the fixture is located out of our service area. If any problems occur Detroit Tubs LLC must be notified within 72 hours or warranty IS voided. 

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Use only non-abrasive, liquid cleaners on your refinished surface. Cleaner must not contain bleach or chlorine and must be safe for use on acrylic, refinished or re-glazed surfaces. We recommend Simple Green, Dawn dish soap, and water.

COLOR: The standard color used Detroit Tubs LLC is Kohler white and Kohler almond. Any custom color requires tinting and must be selected and approved two weeks prior to your appointment date. Additional charges of $250.00 will apply. 

*PLUMBING*: Our workmen are not plumbers. If Detroit Tubs LLC shows up and plumbing issues are detected there will be a trip cost of $150.00

CURE TIME: The cure time for use is 24 hours after refinishing is complete. DO NOT USE the fixture during this time and make sure that the fixture remains dry. Full cure time is 7 days. DO NOT USE A BATHMAT. 


TERMS: Due on completion of work. We accept cash, check, Visa or MC. There is a $25 charge for returned checks. *All credit/debit cards require an additional $25.00 fee and authorization 24hrs before the job.

LIFETIME WARRANTY = 2 Visits to fix the affected area. If more work is required, at Detroit Tubs LLC discretion will give credit towards an upgraded product.